Monday, September 22, 2014

Random Thoughts Upload; Pictures to Come Soon

I need to upload some thoughts.

  • Maybe some photo stuff will get done later. I don't love fooling around with the computer, so I have been sooo slow in getting a system for editing and watermarking photos for use on this blog. Need to get my Tech Support (a.k.a. Hermione) to help me with that!
  • It's Bilbo and Frodo's birthday! (not my Bilbo, but it's the birthdate of our beloved Hobbits). We need to have some seedcakes, a second breakfast, and some good, hearty, earthy food for dinner. Haldir says Shepherd's Pie. What else whould be appropriate? Ale? Tobacco? (kidding)
     Photos added! We ended up having 'seedcakes', aka lemon poppyseed muffins.
     We had 'second breakfast', which was basically a tea party.We did indeed have shepherd's pie for supper, made with lamb. Yum! 
  • I keep catching a whiff of something awful this morning; a rotting stench like dirty diapers, or a litter-box overdue for scooping.... Realized at last that it's coming from my crock of homemade sauerkraut!! The crazy thing is, when I took of the lid and sniffed, I said "Hmmm" involuntarily. It smells like great kraut. Weird.
  • I have gotten some great things recently when I go off for an hour of what I have admittedly been calling Thrifting Therapy. I will have to take pics to share...
  • I am in that spot once again where I am feeling pretty good, and enjoying my family, thinking about being open to another baby while at the same time hoping to never experience the suffering I had in my last pregnancy again. I am praying for healing, so if God wants to give us another child I can be strong and healthy to serve my family without so much suffering. Also feeling sad about the idea that maybe we won't have another baby. Also thinking, ok, if it's God's preference that little Bilbo is my last baby (sob! he's almost one! my last nurseling?!) then maybe I can get a dog soon! Crazy-making. Got to keep all these thoughts and emotions submitted to my Lord in prayer. 
  • Sharing the above thoughts and feelings with my best friend, my dear husband; but not nearly as often as I think and feel them! I don't want to make him crazy ;) 
  • Celebrated yesterday the anniversary of our Haldir's baptism. I remember that day, in 2003, so well. We belonged to St. Augustine's Catholic Church at the time, a traditionally black parish with an awesome gospel flavor. We all sang Sign Me Up (for the Christian Jubilee! Write my name on the roll...). What a great song for a baptism! 
So, a totally sub par blog post as far as other people enjoying it, but a good 'brain dump' for me. 
Time to get to work this Monday morning!