Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Milked a coconut! Coconut Milk made at Home

Wow, guys. Wow. Coconut is one of the best foods in the world. You can read all about how good it is for you, but I am talking about some delicious new ways I am finding to eat it.
Like this amazing deliciousness I came across at a certain big-name health food store. It was the only thing I found that is both on my super-restrictive autoimmune protocol paleo diet and affordable.
 I can hardly describe the delectableness. Wide crispy flakes of toasty, naturally oily, faintly sweet coconut. I recommend!
Here is my little Bilbo drinking one of our favorite new dairy-free smoothie recipes. Blueberry vanilla smoothie, made with a can of full-fat Thai coconut milk.

We also make pudding from a can of coconut milk, a couple avocados, and some cocoa powder and honey. Wow, so good. It's like chocolate mousse.

Anyway, we started using about a can a day of the coconut milk, and at $2.09 plus per can, it adds up!

Well, enter Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach and this diet I am on in search of energy, a clear brain, and overall physical and mental health. She blogs at http://www.thepaleomom.com and has a Facebook page, podcast and two awesome books. Changed my life.

I have this sense of certainty that this protocol is the key to my being and staying well, but I couldn't do it without my family's support. Especially my husband. I am feeling so much less tired! I can think and read! There are signs that my hormones are straightening out, too. So the restrictions I am living within are worth it!

Of course, one key to being successful on a restricted diet is exploring the things that are available, especially foods and drinks never tried, or never made a mainstream part of my diet. And hence my discovery of rutabagas, fried beef liver, fish and sweet potato fries made with coconut flour and bacon fat. And lots more yummy things made with coconut or bacon fat...

And my smart sister mentioned the other day the idea of making coconut milk at home. She makes hers from whole coconuts. She rocks. I discovered a few days ago that Sarah B. has a recipe for making coconut milk at home from dried, unsweetened coconut!

I ordered some online. Love amazon prime. Great price for a case of four 12oz bags.

I followed Sarah's recipe here. I doubled it:
1 1/2 c dried, shredded unsweetened coconut
2 1/2 c boiling water (or coconut water)
blend on high in a blender for five minutes.
Strain through a fine cloth or very fine mesh strainer. Squeeze!

We ended up with just over two cups of creamy, amazing tasting (and smelling) coconut milk and this pile of nut meat. Not super much flavor left, but i'm sure there is a use for it. The kids like it.

 Look how creamy! I was oddly delighted, while squeezing my flour-sack towel full of well blended, hot, foamy coconut milk, crying "I'm milking a coconut!"

 Here's the result. I'm storing it in an empty coconut oil jar.
It's quite well emulsified at this point. I think if I wait til tomorrow I will be able to skim some 'cream' off the top and whip it like cream for our favorite recipes. Try it!