Friday, September 4, 2015

SQT September!

  1. Thank God it's Friday. I half-homeschooled this week, and I am so happy tomorrow is Saturday! We will be sharing our Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with my sweet niece Rose, so even with Hermione at school (8th grade!) I will have six children at home, four of them homeschooling. This week we had morning prayer and did Life of Fred. 
    Tea party/lunch on the deck
  2. I have been getting up and taking Hermione to 7:00 mass at St. Joe on the way to school. We chat, pray, laugh, eat a quick yogurt and a bar, and then I drop her off at Trinity School at Greenlawn by 0740. She likes to be nice and early to get a handle on her day. 
    Family photo taken after a Sunday mass
  3. I have been going to daily mass most of the summer, and I love it! I find the peace and focus so nourishing. I always feel I'm growing a lot in the seasons when I can attend daily mass. There are many when I cannot! Right now I miss our nice, cosy 0815 masses at Holy Cross Parish, right in my neighborhood. But it is still so good to hear the word of the Lord and receive grace for my life each day. 
    Madonna and Child in atrium of Smith Center at Holy Cross
  4. Eighth grade. Whew. There is going to be some drama this year, I know it. Good thing we are having our nice morning times together for talking it through.
    Sisters. And 8th grade tree project!
  5. Went to the beach twice this week! Hoorah! It's still summer until I say otherwise!

  6. FLL, i.e. First Lego League! Hermione is on the robotics team. Super fun and cool. They are designing the t shirt today, and then starting to assemble robots! 
  7. Our Doggie, Athena! 
  8. Bonus: Wolf park Howl Night happened. It was awesome.
      St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio