Friday, November 14, 2014

Seasonable and Unseasonable; Seven Quick Takes

Linking up, because I don't want to lose blogging momentum! SQT hosted by Kelly today.

It is cold and snowy here in South Bend, breaking some kind of record, even for here. And There are still half the leaves left on our trees. #dreamingofawhitethanksgiving

As I have already shared, I am now the proud driver of a big huge van. Which means, thanks to QT#1, I now know the full meaning of the term 'fishtailing'. Need to buy a bunch of something heavy and cheap to pile up in the back of the van!
Thrifting Therapy! My wonderful young friend Kate came over to share some time this week, and let me go out alone to Goodwill for an hour. Joy and freedom! I Got two awesome sweaters for $5. Aw, yeah.
 The sweater at right is almost certainly vintage. I love it. See the gorgeous blue birds? I wanted an 'ethnic' sweater without that crazy 'waterfall' style; it's just not me. Delighted with this classic cardigan shape, with pockets and a belt.
Here is my attempt to show the other sweater. It has silver, charcoal and gold, and a very pretty lacy edge. Trust me.
I can't help it. I'm listening to Advent music. The snow is bright and fun, and it just requires seasonal music! At least I got a little collection of music for Advent last year, and have it saved on Spotify. This album by Elizabeth Mitchell is one of my favorites. It seems clearly based on folk music work by the Seegers. Good stuff. I'm interested to see if Haley will have an advent playlist for this Advent, like last year.
We did some art this week. So good for me and the kids. We used watercolors, hot glue and chalk:

 Isn't the glue-resist effect awesome?

--- 6 ---
Oh, yeah. This is a project I haven't shared. I took an idea from someone online (sorry, I completely forget who!) who was crafting with paper which she had spread with silicone caulk. It made a nice, slick, protected surface for her desktop, I think.
Eureka! An idea for making 'oilcloth' (stain and water resistant cloth) from fabric I already have. I worked silicone caulk into this heavy cotton fabric with a plastic squeegee thing. Tried to get the caulk as deeply penetrating the weave as possible. Also tried to get a smooth surface. Let it dry overnight, and voila! It works. It's kind of a weird, rubbery texture, but it is wipeable. Maybe I won't have to replace this seat cover again for a while.
Last: nothing says 'I love you' quite like a surprise grande Christmas blend! Sigh. He loves me. Thanks honey!

For more Quick Takes, (visit Conversion Diary!) -Kelly today.

Happy and Real; linking up with LMLD for the First Time in a While
'Grabbing a button' is not working for me for some reason this time!

Something so, so heartwarming about the love of brothers. I put little Bilbo here to 'get' his big brother and help wake him up. I came back in a few minutes to find them peacefully snuggled. Haldir is faking being still asleep.

Toddler messing up Mom's makeup; so, so real. This is after most of it was cleaned up. My little artist  had squeezed out all my creme products and mixed them up with makeup brushes. I controlled my temper really well; actually I was speechless for a good thirty seconds.

A family van that fits all eight of us with room to spare! So thankful to the Lord for how this has worked out. I already shared on Facebook a pic of us all out for ice cream in *one vehicle*. Yay!

{happy, real}
Father and son. I find them so adorable.

That's it! I have not been taking photos or finding time to blog lately. My intentions to learn and get good at photo editing have not taking any form at all, yet.

Monday, November 10, 2014

For Jim; In a Rose Tattoo!.

So, yeah. My little brother has introduced me to this band. Mind blowing mix of genres; Celtic Metal. Is that a thing? Very fun, often heavy, often poignant. awesome instrumentation. And i like these images; again, a mix of metal and Irish imagery.

Little Leia and I are sitting here singing along to "In a Rose Tattoo"