Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy and Real; linking up with LMLD for the First Time in a While
'Grabbing a button' is not working for me for some reason this time!

Something so, so heartwarming about the love of brothers. I put little Bilbo here to 'get' his big brother and help wake him up. I came back in a few minutes to find them peacefully snuggled. Haldir is faking being still asleep.

Toddler messing up Mom's makeup; so, so real. This is after most of it was cleaned up. My little artist  had squeezed out all my creme products and mixed them up with makeup brushes. I controlled my temper really well; actually I was speechless for a good thirty seconds.

A family van that fits all eight of us with room to spare! So thankful to the Lord for how this has worked out. I already shared on Facebook a pic of us all out for ice cream in *one vehicle*. Yay!

{happy, real}
Father and son. I find them so adorable.

That's it! I have not been taking photos or finding time to blog lately. My intentions to learn and get good at photo editing have not taking any form at all, yet.


  1. I know what you mean about having a busy week! It seems that everyone around the web has had a busy week this week! =) Such sweet pictures, though!

    I really like PicMonkey for photo editing- it's so quick. ( and it's free!


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