Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stream of Consciousness Post Because It has Been So Long Since I last Blogged

Just gotta get back on here. I last posted in January, and it is now the last week of June!

  • Second semester. Hermione did awesome at Trinity. I pushed through and Haldir finished fifth grade, Kitty finished third, and Luke finished kindergarten. 
  • Haldir has hit a growth spurt. He looks so different from a year ago! Tall and super trim now, his pants are all too big. Has to go back down to size twelve pants and shorts.
  • Baseball going on now. Haldir is doing awesome. Championship game tomorrow. 
  • ND Childrens choir has been a big hit this year. Kitty gets to see friends twice a week (and then another day at the farm!) and she and Hernione are learning about reading and singing many types of music.
  • Hermione went on the Chamber Choir tour last week, ending up in New York City! She had a great time. Had a solo. Spent time with kids she enjoys and got to see interesting places and sing good music in lots of great spaces. (link to NDCC blog)
  •  uh oh. running out of steam. the big news currently is we are working to get ready to put our house for sale. I have been getting overwhelmed. Got a wonderful scripture this morning from Jeremiah about living in the land, going on with life and not being anxious about the time when the Lord says to leave.

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