Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Shabby Chic and Photobombers

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A little vignette I like to look at by the window over the kitchen sink. I cut out these vintage ads from an old rusty tin and made this, very shabby, little hanging thing. The colors in there are the palate for the kitchen, now that I think about it! And there is our Lady of Guadalupe, whom I love because she told Juan Diego that she is "She who Crushes the Snake". And that is just too cool. (What else is cool here is the tiny pot my daughter painted which has celery re-growing *from the cut end* that one normally throws away!) Little green growing things are always pretty to me.

Go Mario!
The kids are into Mario Bros. right now. Fyodor downloaded a fan game that is an homage to well loved old computer games. The kids love to watch each other play Mario during their computer times. This picture is a good snapshot of our life because it includes Haldir in his baseball stuff; he made majors in little league this year and is pumped. Also, beside Luke are some drawer fronts I stripped and whitewashed. The cardboard in the background is what I used to spraypaint the hardware. And there's little Leia, who is so into drawing, as always. Now she pretty much sticks to paper (rather than walls, her body, etc.)

Stand there and smile for Mommy??
Here's my little one in my kitchen posing with my whitewashed, "pickled" cupboard doors. Making progress! I have a few drawer fronts to go to have this side of the kitchen done. This was her idea of looking pretty for the camera that day.

What's more real than a sick kid on the couch with a bucket? I'll say no more about that. After big sister helped get Leia settled and cozy, she thought it seemed time for a photobomb!

round button chicken

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