Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Easter at last! Holy Week photo faves

Christ is risen! I am so glad lent is over. And we had the best weather I can honestly remember ever having on Easter Sunday.
Kitty joined her big sister in the children's choir for holy week liturgies, and on Easter was up and dressed bright and early. She asked for help curling her hair. It looked so cute in these hot rollers! And then she had to run out the door in them because they had really not had enough time to cool. She had her sister help her take them out in the car when they were almost to church. It turned out so cute! This was a fun trial of what she wants to do for her first communion coming up.
First time in curlers!
 We took holy week off homeschool so we could make food and crafts, and enjoy the spring weather at last. We tried these floss eggs from pinterest. They turned out very cool, I think. Liquid starch was easy to work with and gave a nice result.

Liquid starch beat Modge Podge for making these fun things
 Too bad the window with that drab view is right in the middle of my shot!
Here's a little Leia in her Easter dress.
dancing in her Easter dress

Hermione wanted me to document this lovely result before I ate it
 We ate eggs, of course. And chocolate. Of course. One fun item was this big chocolate egg I bought at Aldi. Really good chocolate, with little chocolates inside, and the bonus of looking like a big dragon egg!
Ahhhh! Put it under water, quick!
Here's my son opening the egg, and releasing the deafening screeches of mermish, a la Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I didn't take that many photos, really. But we baked, and crafted, and celebrated. And I am so tired.
Happy Easter!

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