Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy-ness, Good Attitude, Good Fun

What's going on here lately? More busy weekends than ever. I have vowed not to let my life get as crazy as those of some moms I've seen; unsmiling and grim as they do a million things. But I also pray constantly for good opportunities for our children to develop their talents and good relationships. Maybe rather than the schedule itself, what I must refuse to do is to lose my joy and my ability to see what God may be doing in the ongoing packed, fast paced family life.
This week, Leia was heard to ask someone to stop singing a certain song, because it was 'ear-a-hating'.
Haldir had a trombone solo evaluation and a baseball tryout on the same day this Saturday! Both went great, and he told me he was 'elated'. I was elated for him, too!

Fyodor and I went to a celebration at Trinity School at Greenlawn, my alma mater and the place where he has been working for 13 years. They have received a very impressive award for the fourth time, and made this fun video with alumni.

Here's little Minty, sleeping on my bed. She is a new kitty, Hermione's Christmas present, and very, very intrepid. She gets along well with the other two cats, especially Jeffrey, our very active boy. That has turned out very well. But, this little girl does not care too much about our rules! She is very friendly, and doesn't mind our little ones patting and grabbing her. I just hope she catches on soon, so we don't have to keep a 'super soaker' at the ready all the time. This pose, with her little paws stretched out, just charmed me.

Here's Jeffrey on my lap with little Bilbo. Jef is so sweet. (Never mind how dorky I look.) Notice that little hand on the kitty's fur! 

I took five kids to a rollerskating rink on Sat. It seemed the same as it was thirty years ago, when we used to go there for parties as kids. But the noise! I was so exhausted just by the loud music and so much activity. It was fun, though.

I haven't taken many pictures in the last few days, but the sun has been shining and it really seems like spring is here! Here I am, happy blogging with the sun shining and the window cracked open here in the sunroom.

We had some April fools silliness today. All in good fun. Here is Hermione with some 'fruit punch' and 'apple juice'

We have an amaryllis that we have been keeping going for a few years. We let it dry out and have a 'winter' after it blooms and has some greens for a few months, then pot it in lent and try to get it to bloom by Pentecost. Fabulous red, trumpet shaped flowers. Here's the growth so far.

Til next time!

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