Thursday, April 3, 2014

{p,h,f,r} Contentment and Pretentiousness

round button chicken

Linking up with LMLD again for {pretty, happy, funny,real}.
Its cool and rainy today (not complaining, though! I'm thankful it's not snow), and I will really enjoy this pause for appreciating and sharing the beauty and humor of life; as Auntie Leila says, "capturing the context of contentment in everyday life".

Pretty spring sunshine coming in the dining room in the morning, and these items that I find beautiful. This room is painted the same color as my blog background, isn't it? I like to paint the color of sunshine; we have a lot of cloudy days here in northern Indiana. This color is called 'butterfly bush', a fact that has always delighted one of my children.


Haldir has the freedom, as a homeschooled kid, to spend most of his day reading. We are letting him read the final book of the Harry Potter series. (My husband and I discuss what we think each child is ready for. The later HP books require some maturity, but we think they are excellent). Nothing like the joy of reading a good book! and there are three other people in this household always asking him what part he's on, dying to discuss it.
Also these guys, playing together. It makes me deeply happy to see my children being friends. Luke there has a lego creation he's using to play alongside the girls. Legos make him happy. (I don't know why he's winking, but I bet he's proud he can!)

Hermione and I decided this pic needs to be extra large so y'all can read this for yourselves. Yep. I'm the proud owner of a 'gourmet spoon rest'. I wanted a spoon rest to help in my quest to keep my kitchen moderately clean (nod to Auntie Leila), and when I saw this at the Goodwill I couldn't believe it; people may have wondered what that woman kept chuckling about! Seriously; a gourmet spoon rest? The pretentiousness of these words on this humble item still cracks me up.

Real nails. 'Nuf said.


  1. I found this post just so cheery and peaceful! And I LOVE the gourmet spoon rest. Can you still use it when you're just stirring, you know, spaghetti sauce or oatmeal ;-)

  2. Thank you very much. Yes, and laugh to yourself every time! But you know, if we are actually making sauce or oatmeal on the stove, we are real cooks. The basics are the foundation of cuisine :)

  3. Yellow just makes the world a happier place!


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