Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seder! That means Lembas Time! (Gluten Free Matzo Recipe)

Yay! Bilbo is so excited.
 Haldir says we're making Lembas. Oops, he meant matzo, but I like it! So, here comes my own recipe for gluten free unleavened bread. 

The Waybread of the elves

I have made GF matzo a few times over the last ten years, and each time I seem to have to search for a recipe. Well, this time, I actually found two of the recipes I have used in the past and, with my ideal unleavened bread in mind, adapted them to make a recipe of my own. I love how these turned out. 
Here's Haldir with the tortilla press.
 I can't show a pic of the dough, because we had cooked all of it but the last ball when I decided to make this post. 

I was inspired by a flatbread recipe by Bette Hagman, who has many excellent gluten free cookbooks, and one by Jules, of the wonderful Paleo Comfort Foods (cookbook of gorgeous photos and yum recipes).
Here's what I did:

Claire's Lembas (Gluten Free Matzo).                             
Makes 16, 4-inch flatbreads 

2 cups gluten free flour mix. Mine is made in bulk and kept in a big jar. *Recipe below.
1/2 cup almond meal. I made this myself in the food processor. just put in a heaping half cup of whole almonds and process til fine but not almond butter!
1t baking powder
1t salt
4 T olive oil
2/3 cup room temperature water

Combine ingredients. Will become too thick for a wire wisk, finish blending with wooden spoon if needed. Can be refrigerated at this stage to cook later. It is very helpful if the dough is cold.
Roll into two inch balls. Roll out between two layers of plastic wrap or in a tortilla press to 1/4 in thickness. (You may need to experiment to find the thickness that is the perfect balance between too thick to be yummy and too thin to handle without going crazy)
Bake on hot griddle, turning when browned. I prefer griddle to oven.
Best served warm or at least the same day.

Tortilla presses are super fun to use with kids!

* Here's my GF flour mix, inspired by those others, but this version is my own:
2 cups sorghum flour. This has a pleasant flavor reminiscent of wheat.
2 cups brown rice flour. I don't know why, but brown rice makes good baked goods.
2 cups white rice flour
3 cups tapioca starch. (Corn starch or potato starch works, too.)
Mix well and keep on hand. Can substitute 1-1 for all purpose flour; sometimes it's good to add 1/2t xanthan gum per cup of mix.

This is for Beth and Gina, and anyone else who may find it helpful. Enjoy! 
Don't forget to save a place for Elijah!

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