Friday, May 30, 2014

SQT: Seven Amusing and Relevant Mom T Shirts

I haven't blogged in a while. Even though the extracurricular activities of the school year have been winding down, and I have ended our homeschooling for the semester, there has been a lot going on. This week I have a special concern, and a prayer request for anyone reading this: would you pray for Lily, my niece, to be filled with healing, health and peace, and for her body's immune system to return to normal? Thanks.
My Hermione, being the cute and sassy pre-teen that she is, likes to wear cute and smart t shirts. We were joking together about her shirt, and we ended up googling t shirts for me! It was really fun. Here are my seven favorites. (I am not being paid to promote any of these, but if you want to buy me one, that would be cool. Ladies size medium).
Here is a fun Supermom t shirt. This is what my daughter and I were initially looking for.
It can be found online thru google pretty easily. Unfortunately, some of these t shirt sites have some crummy content as well as fun so I'm not linking.
This one is cool too, like the nerdy chic math shirts that Hermione and I also like.
I LOVE this motherhood one. Yep.
Love this pic. And this particular shirt does not include "see also 'masochist'". So, that's a good reason to buy this one here:
As we were looking, I got a kick out of this one. Anyone who has ever been in public with a child will get it.
(Oooh! I just got a good idea for pregnant women! You could make a shirt with your due date on it; so people will stop asking! I wonder if someone already makes one...)*
Can be found at They have some other cute ones there. Like "Mommy Needs a Beer" or "Mommy Needs a Cocktail". (Please do not buy the knock-off of this cute baby shirt from Target!)
Maybe you've seen these superpower shirts. They make them for everything! I looked it up to show my daughter the "I Make Milk" one.
I think this design is particularly cool. I would def wear it.
Do they make a Homeschooling superpower one? Why, yes they do:
How cool is this?! Not sure if I would wear it out around people I don't know. Maybe I would... Maybe just at home when I want to feel like a superhero.

--- 7 ---
Last but best: Breastfeeding themed T's for mom and baby!

I found these adorable images, and I don't know whose they are. But, kudos to these and all nursing moms! This principle of s&d will get you far. (looks like you can buy shirts like them here:

This isn't one I would personally wear, because no one in my family needs to be told to ask me about everything all the time. They do it already! But, amusing; and very relevant.

*Lo and behold: Too bad I wasn't the first one to have the idea.

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