Thursday, June 26, 2014

{p,h,f,r} Poor Light and a Kid in a Scissors Stage

round button chicken

(It's dark today so this is the best pic I could get of what looks very beautiful in person. I know I need to use a photo editor. I'm sorry you all have to look at such poor quality; but at least i'm blogging! which is really fun for me.)
 Here is some pretty 'catmint' drying upsidedown. We have to put it way up, or the cats will go after it! Catmint looks wonderful as a complanion planting with roses. It is also the same thing as catnip!

( edited to include a slightly better pic, now the sun is out. This window seat area is pretty)

The prettiest thing around here that I can shoot in such poor light is our little Mintpaw:

My kids loving each other and being happy together makes me happy!
'Mercy Watson' books. are. so. funny. Check them out from your library. You won't regret it!
I have a kid in a scissors stage right now. Whew! Never a dull moment. Here is a 'pruning' job of this poor plant, thanks to her. (In my 'little oratory' post you can see the before and after!)
In fact, here is a new case! At least this time little Leia cut something that belongs to herself. 

Here is her poor, shorn princess doll. I decided to go with it and dress her up as a nun! Leia was really interested in a picture of St. Catherine of Sienna recently, so here's a chance to talk about what it can mean to forswear attracting men for the sake of loving Jesus with our whole heart... I cut up an old sheet for the transformation.
Go to LMLD for more 'capturing the context of contentment'!

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