Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{p,h,f,r} Shabby Chic, Even More Kids on the Couch, and Revealing Photos

{pretty, happy, funny, real} with Like Mother Like Daughter is such an upbuilding, affirming, fun thing! Thanks so much, Auntie Leila for starting it in 2011!
round button chicken
My Shabby Chic flowers!
 It is so fun to have something little and fun and creative, (and cheap!) to do with pretty scraps. I learned from Tricia from the UK on youtube. 
This tiny linen one is my favorite. So 'shabby' and cute, even though my pics are not that good. 
Lily is doing better! 
And we put three more on The Green Couch!
We had my sister's three daughters over last week. Her sweet little one (second from the left) just got out of the hospital. thanks to anyone who said a prayer for her!
Also, my darling husband took all the kids to the Big Box store last week so I could have an hour or two of peace and freedom. Here's my happy selfie I posted on facebook right after I changed into a clean shirt and served myself an ice cream cone:
Do I look happy? I was happy.
Some kids I know like to play with the settings on my ipad camera.
The wish list of a boy I know who is turning 11 
And this shot of my fridge is pretty much a snapshot of our life. I wonder what Sherlock would deduce?
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  1. Love the flowers! I find crazy things on my cameras-- gotta love kids! And I personally would go with legos and nerf stuff and stay away from anything with legs. Or anything that slithers. But that's just me!

  2. Ha, ha! Yeah, we have three cats, so unless God sends the perfect dog, for free, I'm not inclined to add any more things with legs! Thanks for the comment,


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