Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A web journal, social media, dialogue, and praise of God

    Its the end of February, 2014. My darling daughter, age twelve, has been encouraging me to blog. So has my husband. Last time I tried it was a year ago. And my profile at the right is as old as 2006!! (Ill update that super soon. Right now, it cracks me up and amazes me. You know, the passage of time and all). But this time I'm going to go for it. I do enjoy journaling, as a way of reflecting on my life, as a way of organizing my thoughts and goals, and maybe even preserving them.
    I also love sharing ideas through social media. I find that to be my preferred use of facebook, for example. I find so many interesting articles and discover worthwhile blogs, as well as some uplifting and, yes, funny things, by reading what my friends post. I love, love, love being around people who make me learn. I also love sharing information that has made me think, or has uplifted me or, more rarely worried me or made me mad. I also love being able to share photos of family, events and projects.
   I like the feedback and dialogue I can get through this, while never having to pick up a phone or commit to a social engagement! Yes, I am an introvert for sure. Well, it seems to me that all these things would work so much better through a blog. And it would be more archival; that is, I could search back and find again the things I post. The 'darndest things' the kids say, and the dates, for example.
     So, this will be a 'mommy blog', for sure. Not really a 'pretty blog', though I hope to share pretty things often. Not really a craft blog, though I hope to share many creations, hacks, and before and after pics. I think I'll include roundups of great stuff I've read on the web as well. I want to keep this blog for me, and I also hope it includes lots of things that will interest others and prompt dialogue.
   I realize it's folly to complete my first post without a photo! For now, I introduce myself. Hi. I'm Claire

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