Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Takes, I agree with the Pirate King about this "Beastly Month"

Trying to link up with Jen. Seven Quick Takes
(1) I know this might be more appropriate in a leap-year, but thinking (very happily) about the fact that suddenly it was the last day of February today kept reminding me of The Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance. "For such a beastly month as February, 28 days, as a rule, are plenty". 'Paradox': enjoy it here.

(2) About three year olds. Mine did something she knows she shouldn't do (she was eating the brown sugar) yesterday, and I overheard another child stopping her and emphatically telling her she was "bad. Bad Leia!" Well, I immediately intervened and had a little talk with each of them. The older one I spoke gently with, reminding her that even when we do wrong things that mess up God's kingdom and disrupt our connection to the True Vine (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd), God doesn't call us "bad". He made us good, and calls us Good, and calls us to do good things. Fine. She has had her first reconciliation already, she gets it. She apologized to her sister. Cool. Next, the three year old. In similar, but more simple and brief terms, I said that she is good, and I want her to do good things, but even though she does wrong things sometimes.... Etc. what's the reply? "Mom, poop and pee don't mix together". Ok???

(3) My darling husband bought me cowboy (cowgirl?) boots! I had birthday money, and was obsessing online about different boots. But then I decided, no. Next pair of shoes was going to have to be some practical athletic sandals. And then, out of the blue, Fyodor ordered the boots I really wanted! Yay! I love them. They are a tad tight over the instep, and slip a bit on the heel, and I read that they are supposed to do just that, and once they are broken in the tightness and slipping will stop. I plan to wear these with everything!

(4) My son is a ninja. His siblings helped him with this getup, and he loves it. Worn two days running. Prompted me to show the kids Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

(5) The ninja costume reminded me of the great photos we've been seeing of the Orthodox Priests in Kiev. So manly. So moving. And good for Orthodox and Catholic boys to see.
 Being a priest is not a safe, easy  calling.   But an opportunity to imitate Christ with courage.

(6) A dear family friend who married a Russian woman was just telling me about the Russian psyche, and the deep passion and love for art and poetry. He said there is something very spiritual, and yet atheism basically took over in that country, and the damage that Marxism did to the church there is deep. I had no idea. It makes images of Eastern Orthodox Christianity more mysterious and poignant.

(7) My more tech-savvy family members just showed me that I've been composing in html, and that is the root of my format problems!! The learning curve is steep, but I'm on it!

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