Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy day and What I Wore

      Whew! Dinner's in the oven, and I got our oldest, to be known here as Hermione, to and from Pueri Cantores, the ten year old, Haldir, to and from band practice, and the second daughter, Kitty, to the store to get black shoes for her Notre Dame Children's Choir concert, all without messing up! Yes, we love music over here.
       We decided to protect our kids' identities, so I had them all choose characters from books. Still have to discuss with my wonderful husband more about what I will disclose on here, but I love the kids' alias'.
    It's Wednesday, and there are link-ups I could join! I am not in a stage in life where I am very good at reading actual books, though we could talk about what we read at bedtime. Maybe next week. This time, I'll just do a little What I Wore:

Jeans, Vera Wang trouser cut jeans from Clothes Mentor.
Charcoal top, outdated Liz Lange. (How can this have ever been long enough to be maternity?!).
Pink Argyle cardigan, Falls Creek,thrifted.
Cute pearls-as-bunches-of-grapes earrings, gift from my children from a Christmas Bazaar.
No shoes, cuz I have a sprained heel!
Next time, I'd better have someone else take my picture!

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