Friday, March 7, 2014

I am new at this blogging thing, and am appreciating suggestions from my friends about how I can make my blog better. I just added a 'follow' and a 'search' gadget. Also a list of the blogs I love to follow! My friend Maile recommended I put a facebook 'like' thingy on here, too. I'm going to try and figure that out today with my consultant, my twelve year old. But I know I mainly need to focus on content. *Edited to add: Speaking of which, here's a summary I pretty much agree with about the blogs I really like. A lot to aspire to, although first of all I'm writing this to meet a need in me.
Diana said lovely things about my blog, but objects to my photo of myself. It doesn't show my true beauty, because I'm not smiling. Oh, boy. Not my favorite thing, but I am taking pics of myself today. This post should really be 'Seven Photos of Me with My Eyes closed':

I'll spare you, and limit it to six.

Kristen of When at Home has a helpful post about how to set up your blog smart, making it viral ready. I'm not thinking my blog will ever go viral, but I am concerned about things like watermarking my pictures; (like the one of me nursing 'on' a toilet). Please comment if you have great suggestions about this!
I get to go out to a fancy dinner with my husband tonight, dressing up and leaving six children with a super babysitter! I don't even have to make sure I can nurse in my outfit!! What am I gonna wear?! I'll take a pic after I get dressed.
Speaking of photos, there is an ungodly number of 'selfies' taken by Leia.

I am really liking being a bit more detached from the internet, by staying away from facebook. It truly gives me more time to pray or read; and also lots of moments throughout the day to stop and reflect on the day, and what I should be doing next. I have decided to read once again Fr. Jim's book The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything.  I highly recommend it!
I am in one of those stages in life when it is hard to read an actual book. Too tired and distracted most of the time. I don't know when was the last time I read the assignment and attended my book group. But I've decided to go anyway. The company is great, and it is just so good to be with other smart, reflective, fun adults without all our little ones. Last weekend Fyodor and I attended our parish's Trivia Night, and had the best time. It stayed with me all the next day, the refreshment of being with friends (and winning).

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  1. Claire, I THINK you asked me to comment about your blog, which is why this page was open on my iPad. If you didn't I'm just going to help myself to the invitation in this post.

    I like the photo on your header, it's lovely, and I like your (new?) bio pic. Your background is one of my favorite colors. If this is your style, I'd say stick with it. But it does seem that all the Catholic blogs switched to white in the last few months. So if you want to be like all the other kids . . .

    I love your taste in blogs, and if you're going to have fake names for your kids, you couldn't do much better than the ones you've chosen. I totally laughed. Lit nerds unite!

  2. Oh, one thing. I'd crop your profile photo to square, so we can see you better. And maybe bigger?

    1. yes, I was thinking of making those changes to the picture. I have no idea how... Thanks, I love the lit nerd names, too! My four and three year olds actually do pretend to be Luke and Leia together on a regular basis!


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