Tuesday, March 11, 2014

YouTube Tuesday?

* This post has been edited to display the videos correctly
My baby wanted me, and made a sound so much like "Mommy"! Of course I picked him up. He's only five months old, so this probably won't happen again soon, but you can be sure I repeated  "mommy" several times as I held and talked to him.
Made me think of this fun Sesame Street song from way back:

The other evening, I was hoping to find a good, intelligent interview with Benedict Cumberbatch like this one With Gary Oldman. I found only gossipy trash. The problem that comes with being a fan of an excellent actor who also has tons of rabid female admirers, some of whom call themselves very unfortunate names.
Anyway, I did find this, which I thought was delightful:

I have ideas for a few future posts, including my thoughts on the song "Let it Go".
For today, here is my fave offshoot of the song. This was made the day after Idina Menzel's name was butchered at the Oscars. I like seeing her have fun with such cool backup:

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