Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time for a link up with Like Mother Like Daughter!
I just read the first {Pretty. Happy.Funny.Real} post Auntie Leila did, and (true to form) it has a beautiful bit of philosophizing and some very good suggestions. If you want to know what it's all about, read here.

(This is right up Auntie Leila's alley, since she has just written a book on the subject). This is our little icon, Scripture and prayer area. We have morning prayer before starting school, and set up a little table with the lit candle and a few other things, in front of this buffet, which is also our entertainment center, and has a TV mounted on the wall above the other side. I know; TV and prayer table, not an ideal set up! But this side, all set up for lent, looks pretty to me. The image in the black frame is of the prodigal son repenting, and is from a set of art prints I bought from Catholic Heritage Curriculum. The purple covered thing is a wonderful icon of the resurrection, which I want to unveil in glory at Easter. I could say something about each of the other items, but in total, this area is pretty and meaningful to me.


My new kitchen faucet and dishwasher! I am so thankful for my Fyodor, who has taught himself to install such things. We had just shopped for a new faucet the day before the old one broke off! Thank the Lord for tax return time, when non-urgent needs can be addressed. (Though I think we all agree, breaking in half makes the kitchen faucet urgent. But I didn't have to get the lowest of the line replacement!) I wanted a tall enough gooseneck that would allow me to fill a stockpot even when the sink has dirty dishes in it. The dishwasher was just rusted out and the racks falling to bits. Isn't the new one beautiful? And the other thing we all notice, as always with new things, is that the surrounding things look awful! Sanding and redoing these cupboards in on my list, believe me!

My husband and son looking handsome, and my cute daughter being funny. She is twelve, and I love to see her smile unselfconsciously!


This photo was a sensation on facebook. This is me, at the store looking at faucets, and realizing my poor little baby was super hungry! Never thought I'd resort to sitting on a toilet to nurse in public ;)  Baby's gotta eat when baby's gotta eat!
I was super tickled to have my husband take this photo. I love how this captures my care for my baby, and that it is super modest!

That's it! Check out what everybody else has for {p,h,f,r} over at LMLD!

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