Saturday, March 8, 2014

Only Forty Bags?

I have six children, I educate them at home, and I'm married to a man who loves books, and 
is the son of a man who has Collections and who buys gifts to show affection.  One of our 
sons finds sentimental value in almost everything, and collects nature items galore.
And, OK, I like thrift shopping for recreation, and I hold on to things like fabric and rags and 
potentially useful craft materials. And the children all have clothes that they are always 
outgrowing, or receiving as hand me downs! So, yeah. We have a lot of stuff.
Spring cleaning has been a significant, freeing thing for us here the last couple of years. We 
are in not too bad shape now, in the garage and basement. But, gosh. We still have a lot of 

So! I'm going to take inspiration from Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters and join in 
Forty Bags in Forty DaysThis takes impetus from lent, and includes deliberate, systematic 
decluttering. The ''forty bags" can be any size, any number. The point is to take a look at 
your stuff, and decide what needs to go. Then get it out! 
I'll be going systematically through my house with a Goodwill bag and a trash bag. 
I think I'm also going to forbid myself any recreational Goodwill shopping during lent. 
That should give me a good twenty bucks that I can give to St. Vincent de Paul.
Here's the first bag! (Ironic that it says "shop your way"?)

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