Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WWRW Linkup

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        Hi, Hermione here! I'm going to review the Warriors series, which is my favorite series right now. I think Catholic moms should let their kids read these, because they are very exciting and interesting, and have really good characters.
        Warriors is a great series about feral cats who live in Clans in a forest. In the first series, a house cat named Rusty joins ThunderClan, and changes his name to Firepaw. But a lot of the Clan cats don't like him because he wasn't born in the forest, especially a warrior named Tigerclaw, who is secretly plotting to take over the Clan.
         I really like the series because the cats follow a code of honor, and even though it's called Warriors, it's not only about fighting. In fact, killing is against the Warrior Code. And when a cat dies they go to StarClan, where they watch over their Clanmates.
         I would recommend these to anyone who likes cats and excitement, and who doesn't mind reading about battles once in a while. There are also some graphic novels, which my sister Kitty and I love.

                    One of the graphic novels. (Sideways)

My cat, Mintpaw, "reading"
a Warriors book
Another cat, Parsley, "reading" 

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  1. Thank you, Hermione. Do you prefer books where the characters are animals? Have you read anything by Kathryn Lasky or Brian Jacques? They both wrote adventure series about animal characters too. I know Redwall by Brian Jacques is also a graphic novel.


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